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Bhutan Comfortable and Luxury Accommodation – Resorts, Lodges, Hotels and Farmhouse

Bhutan offers selections of accommodation including cozy everyday farmhouse, peaceful lodges, superior deluxe three star hotels and luxurious five star hotels. ASTER TOURS & TRAVEL carefully selects accommodations based on client’s demand. The accommodations recommended are comfortable, clean, apt services, relaxed ambiance and quality food. We can always arrange traveler mixed accommodation suiting any itinerary.

Below are the preferred hotels and resorts in Bhutan.



Amankora Resorts is a simple, elegant sanctuaries five star resort spread across five pristine valleys in the country. Each lodge offers different luxurious experiences and facilities with its own setting incorporated with the region. Amankora resorts exude contemporary designs integrated and imbedded on traditional features. The resorts provide soothing spas. The wood- panelled interior with suite has a view of serene valley, landscape courtyard and pine forest.  The restaurant serves both local and international cuisines.

Zhiwa Ling  Resort 

Zhiwa Ling  Resort A traditional Looking Bhutanese guesthouse with elaborate hand-carved wooden cornices  and masterful stone works. The resort offers luxurious facilities like fitness center, spa, tea house and meditation house.  The restaurant specializes in International Cuisines and Bhutanese dishes.

Terma Lingka

Terma Lingka located 15 minutes drive from Thimphu city enclosed by the Wangchhu River and the terrain of paddy fields. The mountainous landscape and the fresh air by the river give the best environment for relaxation.  Providing spa and hot stone bath, the resorts also specializes in Bhutanese and International Cuisines.


Uma Resorts combines its style of COMO’s contemporary to local artisanship providing one of the best exclusive private villas in Bhutan. Nestled in alpine forests is the blissful resort providing private spa, traditional holistic therapies, courtyard and in room facilities.  Their Bukhari restaurant serves both local and international cuisines.

Taj Tashi

Taj Tashi situated amidst the capital city of Bhutan, the five star hotel is built in traditional architecture with modern luxury.  The hotel offers amazing views of the mountains surrounding the city and of course the view of city life.  The special Bhutanese Hot Stone Bath at the Taj Spa is one of the ways to relax while in capital.

Gangtey Lodges

Gangtey Lodges the awarding

winning lodge at the heart of protected Phobjikha valley reserved for Blacked Necked Crane offers every comfort and luxury in the one of the remote places it the world.  The lodge allows one to free from all the stresses and distractions from the hectic modern live.  The restaurant provides Bhutanese and international cuisines with warm Bhukhari and of course the breathtaking valley view in the first hour.

Naksel Boutique hotel and Spa

Naksel Boutique hotel and Spa is a simple and charming hotel located above Paro valley providing the one the best telescopic view of Tiger’s nest and Mountain Jhomolhari. The Olive Restaurant serves Indian, Bhutan and Western cuisines.

Deluxe Hotels

Tashi Namgay Resort

Tashi Namgay Resort is an eye catching resort opposite to Bhutan’s only International airport.  Amid the lush lawns, by the river is away from town offering calm and peaceful environment. The resort is a unique blend of traditional Bhutanese and Modern Architecture.  Not lesser than the experience of 5 star hotels, Tashi Namgay Resort provides full view rooms with floor heating system. It has a dining serving Bhutanese, Indian and western dishes. It also has spa, gym and recreational areas.

Tenzingling Resort

Tenzingling Resort is strategically located to give full view of Paro valley with a spectacular Paro Dzong in the background. The resort is surrounded by a small village amidst apple orchards and rice fields.

Khangkhu Resort

Perched on the mountain slopes above the airport and opposite to Airport, Kangkhu Resort offers the magnificent view of the Paro valley from the comfort of their bedroom and private balcony.  The resort has a Multi Cuisine restaurant and upon request, bonfire and cultural programs are prepared.

Dewachen Resort

Dewachen Resort  is overlooking the picturesque Paro valley, meandering Paro river and paddy fields. The restaurant offers Bhutanese, Indian and continental cuisines.  The resort is only about 10 minutes from the town.