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ASTER TOURS & TRAVEL make sure that your journey in Bhutan is safe and comfortable. We provide range of standard services depending on our guest’s  expectation. Though some of destinations are not up to expectations of our guest, ASTER TOURS & TRAVEL strive to deliver best of best standards with comfort and luxury services. Our experience and expertise on service ensure the best tours without difficulties.


We provide range of Hotels/Resorts upon request( 3 star – 5 star) from our clients. We make sure that we provide best hotels/resort in Bhutan. We test with every hotels/resort before we recommend to our guest.


In Bhutan, every region have their own food and taste. We find best and certified restaurants/ hotels/resort which provide food with great ambiance, cleanliness and quality of service.

We provide the certified bottled water. We also often serve tea/coffee throughout the tour.


We provide the best luxurious, great condition vehicle throughout the tour. Before tour is arranged  we check properly to avoid mishaps during the tour.

Guide/ Driver

We provide well experienced and knowledgeable guides who are certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan, so that our guest can explore, learn and understand more about the Bhutan.

We also provide experienced driver who is certified by the Royal Safety and Transport Authority and have been driving for years.