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ASTER Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

ASTER TOURS & TRAVEL dedicate ourselves to social and environment responsibility from our office to all the destination covered during our travel and day to day activities. Our purpose of being responsible for our society and environment is aligned with ASTER value and with Nation’s goal of Gross National Happiness. Our team nurtures our environment by managing waste, sustainable using resources and influencing people with best practices of social responsibilities.

We aim to converse our natural resources and keep environment clean.

Travel Green

Bhutan has built sustainability into its national Identity and we help to uphold this identity.

A small Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is not only Carbon neutral but also confirmed carbon negative. Despite increasing tourists, the country has managed to maintain its status of carbon negative.  One of the ways foreigners can contribute to the country’s conservation efforts is by visiting Bhutan.  From the tariff set by Tourism Council of Bhutan, a daily sustainable development fee of $65 is also included and it goes towards funding education, health care and poverty alleviation.

ASTER TOURS & TRAVEL ensure to that the destinations covered are not littered. The non-degradable waste taken on tour and treks are crushed, collected by the members and are given to waste management organization in the locality.

The sites visited, the road traveled and the places where halted: anywhere and everywhere we traveled, we try to make it cleaner.

Help Retain Green

As country develops, more waste will be generated and more visitors will arrive. If each of us, be conscious and take care of our own waste, you contribution can help Bhutan remain green. Every litter you pick, make environment a little cleaner.