According to Bhutan Tourism Monitor 2018, 97.4% of tourists travel to Bhutan for sightseeing purposes and 90.8 % undertake hiking and trekking activities. Out of many heritage sights and landmarks in Bhutan, Paro Taksang, the Tigers Nest is most visited Monastery by the tourist.

Every year thousands of tourist hike up to Taksang monastery. It has become the bucket list attraction to people around the world.

‘Taksang’ translates to The Tiger’s Nest is a Buddhist monastery in Paro valley. According to the legend, Buddhist saint Guru Rinpoche flew to the current monastery site riding atop a tigress in the 8th century.

The reason why Taksang is Significant

  • Buddhist saint Guru Rinpoche flew to the current monastery site riding atop a tigress in the 8th century and mediated there.


  • Great Buddhist saints and scholars like Milerapa has said to meditate in the monastery.


  • Buddhism flourished from Taksang.


  • There are 11 temples, only 9 temples are allowed to enter for pilgrims and visitors.


  • The main cave where Guru Rinpochoe meditated is considered very sacred thus its opened once a year for devotees. On that day, in the year 2018, more than 9000 pilgrims lined up to Taksang marking the day as the most significant annually.


  • Today there is Tigers Den prevalent inside the rocky cave. Great spot for adventurers to delve into caves of Bhutan.


  • The rocky stones and cliffs are considered very sacred; one can see imprints of religious signs and symbols.


  • The place is very sacred inside because visitors are restricted to take phone or cameras inside, thus you have to visit the monastery to see what’s inside the magnificent temple.


  • According to religious scripts just by visiting Taksang Monastery is considered as the ‘paradise’, just by visiting the monastery one will be born in heaven.


  • The majestic architecture perched on a cliff 900 meters above Paro valley greets the hikers and adventurers. It’s a great delight for photography lovers.

Photographers around the world visit to photograph iconic Tigers Nest

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Prince William and Kate visited Taksang

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