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Plan your trip to a country with amazing landscapes, enriched culture, vibrant festivals, mesmerizing architecture and lovable Bhutanese. Discover small Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, a land of happiness.


Prioritize excellence through dedication and hearty Services.

ASTER TOURS & TRAVEL over the past years, with experienced guides and staffs, has provided travelers from across the world one of the greatest experience of unexplored kingdom of Bhutan.  We work hard to satisfy the travelers with their need and cater best experience of Bhutan.

ASTER TOURS & TRAVEL is a licensed tour operator certified by Tourism Council of Bhutan specialized in wide range of tour packages suiting the interest of the travelers.

  • Cultural Tour, Trekking Tour, Honeymoon Tour, Photography Tour, Festival Tour, Bird watching Tour, Luxury Tour, MICE, Special Private Tour, Yoga and Retreat, etc.

In doing so, we facilitate our clients with tour plans, high quality and comfortable vehicle with highly trained and qualified chauffeurs(driver), experienced and specialized personal guides, luxury resorts, boutique and super standard Hotels.

Not making it to headlines of the world news, the unknown kingdom of Bhutan is the one on the list of many seasoned travelers.  Discovering the places like never before and getting in close with rich bio-diversity, travelers are often astonished. We assist passionate travelers to mesmerizing rich culture, people and nature.

Our designed tour packages will ride you through the histories of Bhutan to the depth of Bhutanese way of living.  We ensure to provide the best travel experiences to the kingdom of Happiness without compromising your comfort and quality of journey.

Plan your trip with us!!!

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What our clients say

  • Thank you Aster Tours & Travel for your great service and itinerary.  I got a wonderful experience in Bhutan.  It made my first time visiting Bhutan unforgettable. I would highly recommend Aster Tours & Travel to anyone wanting to travel to Bhutan.

    Chaiyos Kittiapornphol, Thailand
  • It was my fantastic trip to Bhutan. I was so lucky travel with Aster Tours & Travel. I got very professional service with experience guide and driver.  Even Dochula Pass was cloudy when I visited, my guide found the spot for me for taking nice pictures. Hiking Tiger Nest was my great experience. My guide took very good care of me.  I felt safe and happy during my trip.

    Namphung Moungmai, Thailand
  • It was my amazing experience for river rafting at Punakha. I told my guide I would like to have a memorable experience in Bhutan. My guide recommended river rafting. I asked my guide about safety and the answer was yes it was safe, as it was not in rainy season and there were experience staff came on boat, too.  Without hesitate, I agreed to try. He arranged booking and I began my rafting after getting instruction.  My guide kept his words to serve us all the time by getting on the boat with me and my friends.  Along the way, I could see beautiful view of Punakha Dzong, town and villages alongside of the river. It is worth to try if the season is allowed. To arrange for rafting, simply tell your tour guide and he could be able to do the arrangement for you with the cost of USD150 per boat. I was lucky that I was served by experience travel agent with guide who is professional in serving what guest wish. I was happy with my trip. Thank you Aster Tours & Travel for giving me a great service and wonderful memory of Bhutan.

    Nutthapong Deekaew, Thailand
  • It was incredible trip with Aster Tours & Travel. The service was perfect and exceeded my expectation.  There were well arranging in service, accommodation and itinerary. The guide and driver were excellent. The accommodation was great. The people and places I visited were wonderful.   I enjoyed the trip so much.

    Sangwan Kanjerm, Thailand
  • I don’t have any word to express the wonderful vacation that was planned for me by Aster Tours & Travel. From the start to finish, even during my trip, I prefer to give not 5 stars but 10 stars for this travel agency. I was impressed in minding and caring services as well as in details explanation for every place I visited. Joyfulness made my 6 nights 7 days in Bhutan ran so fast.

    Sungwien Boonroa, Thailand
  • I consulted Aster Tours & Travel for my Bhutan trip during Chinese New Year 2019, It was an interesting experience for solo travel tour, Which they sent Ugyen and Jamyang to accompany with me throughout the whole journey. Ugyen and Jamyang are both friendly and caring gentleman, they take care of me on every aspects in my tour, from sim card, weather, physical condition, photography and more. Ugyen is brilliant in photography,haha. Make me feel like we are a long lost friend, there wasn’t any awkward moment, they are just kind and easy going. The accommodations were awesome as well, it was so cosy and spacious. The interior is beautiful and all craftsmanship are on the other level! The painting and crafting are so detailed and vivid! It makes the room warm and happy.

    Wayne, Hongkong

Unique Experience

Hot stone bath is one of the relaxing experiences in Bhutan.  A wooden bath tub is constructed outside the house with a view of nature surrounding the house. The rock is heated red and then released into herbal water stored in a bath tub. It is believed that the minerals from rock and herbal water can produce medical benefits for joint pain, Hypertension, stomach disorder and arthritis.


Making of Mini stupa or Tsa Tsa in Buddhism is a part of a meditation practice and it is considered a way of eliminating obstacles, purifying negativities and gaining merits.  Mini stupas or Tsa Tsa are made with clay, left to harden and then placed on clean sites above the road.



Prayer flag hoisting; The prints on the prayer flags symbolizes Buddha, Darma and Sangha and hoisting prayer flags by the river, across the bridges and on the hilltop is supposed to make peace, compassion, wisdom and prosperity increase while dangers disappear.  One can also write on them the names of those whom you particularly wish to dedicate your prayers and merit accumulated while hanging the flags.


River rafting the rivers in Bhutan are steady in some and are rapid and fast flowing in other making it perfect for rafting. The river meandering down the lush green Georges and valleys gives a dramatic backdrop making it rather fascinating and sights to various species of flora and fauna is a experience never to be missed.  

Weaving in Bhutan is a process of making intricate textile and this process is an essential part of Bhutan’s cultural heritage. The women usually dye the yarn organically or buy it from market and weave sophisticated pattern with vibrant color. This has been a practicing for ages, throughout the history of Kingdom.



Archery the national sport of the kingdom is played at a distance of 140 meters especially by men. The bow and arrow are traditionally made from bamboo, however with modernization; archers today play with compound bow. Bhutanese of different social status find archery as the most enjoyable sport and are mostly played during occasions.


Potato Shed Dinner A small stone build potato shed is lit with candle lights making a romantic ambiance, a bonfire outside the damp shed, the guest are served with pure Bhutanese cuisine and local ara. The experience is rustic but memories will be authentic and wholesome.




Bhutanese cooking class One of the most interesting activities in Bhutan, where it gives opportunities to all visitors to learn our cooking methods, Local food varieties. You will be surprise by the usage of organic products in our dishes. Chilies and cheese are an essential part of every dish for the taste. Most of the meals are simple, basic and easy to cook using local products. Mostly the dishes are spicy so that spicy food can keep our body warm in freezing temperature of the hilly and mountainous country.

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